World’s 1st Congress on Maritime Heritage!

About the Congress

Driven by the Consortium for International Maritime Heritage, the Congress will initiate a coordinated effort to communicate the importance of our maritime heritage and current maritime endeavours.

It will bring together a diverse global array of maritime constituent groups, institutions, and stakeholders, and provide a unique opportunity for all to form new partnerships towards achieving a common objective: securing a sustainable future through better understanding of our common maritime heritage.

Importantly the Congress coincides with and celebrates the 200th anniversary of the founding of the modern state of Singapore, a major global center for shipping, finance and commerce.

Who Should Attend

The first Congress is designed to attract 300-500 international leaders and participants from diverse sectors including:

• All elements of the Maritime Industries Sector

• Historians, archeologists, geographers, economists, and other scholars that study humans and the ocean and Academic Institutions

• Maritime museums and aquariums that interpret the human relationship to the ocean

• Port cities, places and communities connected to the ocean

Benefits of Attending

The first World Congress on Maritime Heritage will chart new ground and create a string of tangible and intangible benefits that flow from this first ever gathering. The Congress will:

• Promote the interests and value of maritime industries;

• Enhance the attention, visitation, and interests of maritime museums, historic places, and heritage organisations;

• Result in new cross-sector relationships and partnerships;

• Serve as a vehicle for international organisations to better connect communities by demonstrating their historic maritime relationships;

• Illustrate how better understanding our past through the lens of Maritime Heritage will help the world better navigate the future; and

• Reveal heretofore-unknown connections among participants and their past.

Why Singapore?


With its strategic location along the Straits of Malacca, the maritime industry has been central to the history, rise and development of Singapore. The nation is symbolic of our Global Maritime Heritage and a befitting selection for the launch of the first World Congress on Maritime Heritage.

2019 marks the bicentennial commemoration of the founding of Singapore by Sir Stamford Raffles who, together with William Farquhar and a cast of contributors from diverse communities, laid the foundation for its transformation into modern Singapore. Singapore has been playing a pivotal role on the global stage as an eminent Maritime Nation since its inception. Indeed, Singapore’s evolution over the past 200 years parallels the greatest period of global change driven by the maritime experience. This Congress takes place against the backdrop of the bicentennial year of events.

Organizing Committee

The Consortium For International Maritime Heritage

The Consortium of Internation maritime Heritage CIMH is a non-profit organisation formed with the purpose of raising public awareness of our connection to the ocean through understanding our maritime heritage. The World Congress is the Consortium’s first effort, which is being co-organised by venue host Resorts World Sentosa.